Dramatically simplify and expand data center functionality on a single chassis.

It’s an understatement to say that every service provider – and even every service – operates in a unique ecosystem with highly specific challenges and opportunities. It is our business and, we believe, our duty to keep their objectives at the forefront of every solution we architect. Solving the stringent demands of service providers and their sophisticated teams of engineers can be a daunting task for any equipment provider. At Intelicloud, we accepted the challenge and created the 360™.

Whether we are solving video delivery challenges, SaaS, voice, MMOG or all of the above into one network, we strive to improve the provisioning, scaling and management of the data center. The breakthrough foundation of our solutions offering is the Intelicloud 360, a re-imagined server platform that tightly integrates proprietary hardware architecture and management software, dramatically simplifying and expanding data center functionality on a single chassis.

Unlike the disparate and complex hardware and software pieces used in conventional virtualization data center platforms, the Intelicloud 360 is a converged IP infrastructure capable of carrying a multitude of services such as voice, video and data services, and next-generation “access” networks.

The benefits of the Intelicloud 360 network for Internet service providers (ISPs) in particular include a more than 60 percent reduction in power and space requirements as well as a three-fold increase in the number of customers per square foot when compared to today’s market-leading blade servers.