InteliCloud Welcomes Gil Amelio to Advisory Board

Former Apple, National Semiconductor Executive Sees Great Potential in the InteliCloud 360 Next-Gen Data Center

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., Nov. 18, 2009InteliCloud, developer and manufacturer of next-generation Internet network equipment, today announced that tech industry legend Gil Amelio has joined its board of advisors.

Amelio is the former CEO of National Semiconductor (1991-1996) and Apple Inc. (1994-1997) and is currently a senior partner at Sienna Ventures since 2001. As an advisory board member, Amelio will offer his expertise to InteliCloud management on taking the company’s next-generation data center, the InteliCloud 360, to market.

The InteliCloud 360 is a bladed server platform with large-scale storage and distributed load-balancing capabilities that virtualizes network, storage and computing functions.  By tightly integrating off-the-shelf components with proprietary hardware and software into a single chassis, the InteliCloud 360 can serve three times the customers while using 60 percent less power and 60 percent less space than today’s market-leading blade and rack mount servers. The converged, Ethernet-based infrastructure is capable of carrying a multitude of traditional services, such as voice, video and data, and next-generation Web 2.0 services, on a single network.

“I have reviewed the InteliCloud 360 unit and believe it is a major technological leap forward in the data center industry,” Amelio said.  “It arrives at a time when Internet Service Providers are looking for a simpler data center solution that cuts energy usage while increasing performance and scalability to meet demand. InteliCloud built the system from the ground up with these requirements in mind and has done a wonderful job achieving them.”

Amelio earned a Ph.D. in physics from the Georgia Institute of Technology before beginning his career at Bell Laboratories in 1968. He has accumulated over 30 years of high technology and business leadership experience, managed businesses in semiconductors, telecommunications, and computers, and achieved a great number of businesses, scientific, and technological successes, including orchestrating the turnaround of a Fortune 500 company.

Prior to serving as the CEO and chairman of Apple Computer and the president, CEO and chairman of National Semiconductor, he served as president of Rockwell Communication Systems, a unit of Rockwell International.

Amelio is an IEEE Fellow and has been awarded 16 patents. He has received numerous awards, including the Albert Einstein Award for lifetime achievement in the technology industry, the FIU Entrepreneur of the Year Award, the Masara Ibuka Consumer Electronics Award, and was named “Silicon Valley CEO of the Year” in 1993.

“Gil is a true legend in the technology industry and I am honored to have access to his experience and expertise,” said InteliCloud CEO Ken Hubbard. “When we started InteliCloud, we felt we were on to something new and important, and Gil’s support validates our early thinking about the significance of what we were trying to accomplish.”

About InteliCloud
Founded in 2007, InteliCloud Technology is a developer and manufacturer of next-generation Internet network equipment. The company’s cutting-edge network solutions provide a next-generation Internet network solution that supplies the infrastructure, speed and bandwidth customers are demanding from their Internet service, telecommunications, cable, satellite, online gaming, wireless and entertainment providers. These solutions deliver a dramatic leap in technology advancement, reducing integration and operating costs by more than 60 percent. InteliCloud’s engineering team created this disruptive technology by combining voice, video and data functionality into one single server chassis, utilizing six distinct spheres of Intellectual Property (IP) and several patentable technologies in the areas of energy savings, management systems and chassis design for increased throughput. More information is available at

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